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What is the difference between praying and interceding?

What is the difference between praying and Interceding?

Often I have met people who tell me, “I’m an intercessor.” But when I talk with them, it becomes clear they simply are just talking about prayer.

True intercession has a far deeper meaning and is the result of a developed relationship with the Lord that is immeasurable.

Talking with God through prayer is so important. As you develop your prayer life you come into a deeper relationship. It is a place of beauty and words spoken from the depth of the soul. It is communion on the most intimate level and creates a bond of trust that is not easily broken. You see, prayer is based on the first commandment. It is the process of becoming one.

Intercession is something else entirely. Out of the depths of prayer an intercessor is born and developed. It is an act of selflessness. A choice to step into a situation that requires you to come along side another’s battle. In short, it is the second commandment.

Both are very important. If you do not have a developed prayer life and step into intercession it is like driving a car with no oil. The