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What is the difference between praying and interceding?

What is the difference between praying and Interceding?

Often I have met people who tell me, “I’m an intercessor.” But when I talk with them, it becomes clear they simply are just talking about prayer.

True intercession has a far deeper meaning and is the result of a developed relationship with the Lord that is immeasurable.

Talking with God through prayer is so important. As you develop your prayer life you come into a deeper relationship. It is a place of beauty and words spoken from the depth of the soul. It is communion on the most intimate level and creates a bond of trust that is not easily broken. You see, prayer is based on the first commandment. It is the process of becoming one.

Intercession is something else entirely. Out of the depths of prayer an intercessor is born and developed. It is an act of selflessness. A choice to step into a situation that requires you to come along side another’s battle. In short, it is the second commandment.

Both are very important. If you do not have a developed prayer life and step into intercession it is like driving a car with no oil. The engine burns up and breaks. So many intercessors neglect their own prayer life and have lost sight of the difference.

There is a proper order to God’s heart. In this focus, prayer is the oil, the Mary, while Intercession is the Martha, the engine.

In prayer you are an instrument for God’s pleasure. You are a minister to His heart by giving Him all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Out of that, it produces an oil for the lamp of your life.

When you intercede, you are an instrument for God’s purpose on the earth: “That all might know Him.” It is a directive to see others come into the first commandment. So a priority in our intercession is to see other’s come into God’s pleasure. We stand for those who are too weak, or for those who are fighting on the frontline. So the one who is weak can come into the first commandment, and the one fighting on the frontline can lead others to the first commandment. This is a key that most intercessors lack.

Practical Insight: When I take time with the Lord, I spend time in prayer separate from my time in intercession. I have to balance the Mary, and Martha inside of me. One of my favorite scriptures is Amos 3:3- How can two walk together unless they be agreed. This verse is such a great tool to help you maintain focus.

Remember this….

The more you apply yourself, the greater you can be used by God. As a result, lives will be changed for eternity!

So that all may know Him as Lord!

Lucas Levin

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