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Healing: God is a Miracle Worker!!

One of my favorite stories in the Bible comes from Luke 17:11-19. It is the story of Jesus on the road traveling with his disciples. 10 lepers came to him asking to be healed. Jesus without hesitation heals them and they go on their way. But one of them returns to Jesus with a heart of gratitude. He gives Jesus thanks for healing him. Jesus then says: “Were there not 10 of you? Where are the other 9?” Jesus then turns to the man whom He had healed and then made him whole.

This is a powerful story in scripture. There is so much meat to the bone to preach on, but I want to focus on one aspect. I want to focus on the actions of the one leper that came back to say thank you. His story is unique. We do not know his backstory, but we get a glimpse into what being healed meant to him.

At this time, Jesus was well known. Many came to him to be healed. For a leper to come to Him, would have been a no brainer except for the fact that the leper would have to be very careful. There was a stigma that surrounded the outcast lepers of the day. During this time, those who had leprosy were usually confined to colonies away from society. So it made sense that Jesus was approached while traveling on a road between towns.

For any of us, we would be thrilled if God would heal our bodies. I have had times where I have experienced this personally and other times when healing did not come instantly. It took time. This leper experienced God’s healing power instantly. Imagine the sheer joy that this man experienced.

This man, along with the other nine experienced something so wonderful. They were now healed. They were told to go show themselves to the priests. As they journeyed, this man could not stop thinking about what had happened to him. Something began to churn inside of him. He had to do something.

That’s when he turned back to say thank you. I think he realized his life had changed forever and things were not the same anymore. He was about to enter a whole new life with a fresh start. It was so important that he left the company he was traveling with. The people who he had spent time with suffering. Those who had known his pain, anger, loss, and daily agony. He had to leave them and go back to the One whom had changed his life!

There’s something so powerful that happens next. Not only was he healed but he was made whole! As a leper that must of meant even more. To have back the parts of your body that had been taken by such a cruel disease, must of touched him so profoundly.

Jesus not only met his immediate need, but one that touched his past and his future. He made him whole and it all started by a man coming to Him 2 times.

God is so patient with us. He knows that it takes time for us to get it! I love that we can keep coming back to Christ and keep experiencing Him more!

No matter what you are going through, meet Jesus. If it takes many times, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you come before Him.

The first time he was looking for a healer. The second time he came, was just to say thank you. What would of happened if he came a third time?

What would happen to you if you met Jesus right now?!

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